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Sorted on: Author first name.


Abby Grahame.
Wentworth hall.

Abigail Haas.
Dangerous boys.

A.C Gaughen.
Scarlet #1. Scarlet.
Scarlet #2. Lady Thief.
Scarlet #3. Lion heart.

Adam Gidwitz.
A tale dark and Grimm #1. A tale dark and Grimm.
A tale dark and Grimm #2. In a glass Grimmly.
A tale dark and Grimm #3. The Grimm conclusion. [Finished]

A.E Rought.
Broken #1. Broken. [Will not continue]

A.G Howard.
Splintered #1. Splintered.
Splintered #2. Unhinged.
Splintered #3. Ensnared. [Finished]

Aimee Carter.
The blackcoat rebellion #1. Pawn.

Alethea Kontis.

Enchanted #1. Enchanted.
Enchanted #2. Hero.

Alex Flinn.
A kiss in time.

Alex Mallory.

Alexandra Monir.
Timeless #1. Timeless.

Alison Goodman.
Eon #1. Eon.
Eon #2. Eona. [Finished]

Alissa M. Libby.
The King's rose.

Alyssa B. Sheinmel.
Second star.

Alyson  Noel.
Riley Bloom #1. Radiance.
Riley Bloom #1. Shimmer.
 [Will not continue]

Amalie Howard.
The almost girl #1. The almost girl. [Will not continue]

Amanda Maciel.
Tease [DNF]

Amy Ewing.
The lone city #1. The Jewel.

Amy Plum.
Revenants #1. Die for me.
Revenants #2. Until I die.
Revenants #3. If I should die. [Finished]
After the end #1. After the end. [Will not continue]

Amy Tintera.
Reboot #1. Reboot.
Reboot #2. Rebel. [Finished]

Amy Zhang.
Falling into place.

Anna Carey.
Eve #1. Eve.
Eve #2. Once.
Eve #3. Rise. [Finished]

Anna Sheehan.
Rosalinda Fitzroy #1. A long, long sleep.

Anne Blankman.
The prisoner of night and fog #1. The prisoner of night and fog.
The prisoner of night and fog #2. Conspiracy of blood and smoke. [Finished]

Anne Greenwood Brown.
Lies beneath #1. Lies beneath. [Will not continue]

Anna Ursu.

April Lindner.

Aviva Orr.
The mist on Bronte Moor.


Barbara Kyle.
Thornleigh #5. Blood between queens. [Will not continue]

Becky Wallace.
The keeper's chronicle #1. The storyspinner.

Bella Forrest.
A shade of vampire #1. A shade of vampire. [Will not continue]

Bethany Griffin.
The fall.

Betsy Cornwell.

Brandy Purdy.
The Boleyn bride.

Bree Despain.
Into the dark #1. The shadow prince.

Brenna Yovanoff.
The replacement.

Bridget Zinn.

Brodi Ashton.
Everneath #1. Everneath
Everneath #2. Everbound.
Everneath #3. Evertrue. [Finished]


Cameron Dokey.
OUAT # 1. The storyteller's daughter.
OUAT #2. Beauty sleep.OUAT #3. Sunlight and shadow.
OUAT #4. Golden. OUAT #5. Before midnight.
OUAT #6. Belle.
OUAT #7. The wild orchid.
OUAT #8. Winter's child.
OUAT #9. The world above. [Finished]

Cameron Jace.
The Grimm's dairies prequel 1 - 6. [Will not continue]

Cammie McGovern.
Say what you will.
Just my luck.
A step toward falling.

Carolyn MacCullough.
Once a witch #1. Once a witch.
Once a witch #2. Always a witch. [Finished]

Carolyn Turgeon.

Carrie Jones.
Need #1. Need. [Will not continue]

Carrie Ryan.
The forest of hands and teeth #0.5. Hare moon.
The forest of hands and teeth #1. The forest of hands and teeth.
The forest of hands and teeth #2. The dead-tossed waves.
The forest of hands and teeth #3. The dark and hollow places. [Finished]

Carrie Vaughn.

Cassandra Clare.
Mortal Instruments #1. City of bones.
Mortal instruments #2. City of ashes.
Mortal Instruments #3. City of Glass. [Will not continue]

Cassandra Rose Clarke.
Assassin's curse #1. The assassins's curse.
Assassin's curse #2. The pirate's wish. [Finished]
The Hanna duology #1. The wizard's promise.

Cat Winters.
In the shadow of blackbirds.
The cure for dreaming.
The uninvited.

Cathrynne M. Valente.
Fairyland #1. The girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making.

Cayla Kluver.
Heirs of Chrior #1. The queen's choice.

Christine Johnson.
Anthology - Grim.

Chuck Wending.
Miriam Black #1. Blackbirds. [Will not continue]

C.J Redwine.
Defiance #1. Defiance.

Claudia Gabel & Cheryl Klam.
Elusion #1. Elusion.

Claudia Gray.
Firebird #1. A thousand pieces of you.

Colleen Oakes.
Queen of Hearts saga #1. Queen of Hearts.

Courtney Summers.
This is not a test #1. This is not a test.

Cristin Terrill.
All our yesterdays.

Cynthia Hand.
Revenants #1. Unearthly.
Revenants #2. Hallowed.
Revenants #3. Boundless. [Finished]


Danielle L. Jensen.
The Malediction trilogy #1. Stolen songbird.
The Malediction trilogy #2. Hidden Huntress.

Dan Wells.
Partials sequence #1. Partials.
Partials sequence #2. Fragments.
Partials sequence #3. Ruins. [Finished]

Debbie ViguiƩ.
OUAT #10. Midnight pearls.
OUAT #11. Violet eyes.
OUAT #12. Scarlet moon. [Finished]

Debra Driza.
Mila 2.0 #1. Mila 2.0. [Will not continue]

Diane Zahler.
The thirteenth princess.

D.L Bogdan.
The forgotten queen.


E.D Baker.
Wide-awake princess # 1. The wide-awake princess.

Elissa Sussman.
Four sisters #1. Stray.

Eliza Crewe.
Soul Eater #1. Cracked.

Elizabeth May.
The falconer #1. The falconer.

Elizabeth Wein.
Code name verity.

Emily McKay.
The farm #1. The farm.

Emily Murdoch.
If you find me.

Emma Cornwall.

Emma Newman.
The split worlds #1. Between two thorns. [Will not continue]

Eowyn Ivey.
The snow child.

Eric Shanower.
Marvel's Oz comics #1. The wonderful wizard of Oz.
Marvel's Oz Comics #2. The marvelous land of Oz.
Marvel's Oz Comics #2. Ozma of Oz.

Erica Johanson.
The queen of the Tearling #1. The queen of the Tearling.

Erin Jade Lange.


Francesca Lia Block.
The rose and the beast.


Gail Carriger.
Parasol Protectorate #1. Soulless.
Parasol Protectorate #2. Changeless.
Parasol Protectorate #3. Blameless.

Gail Carson Levine.
Ella enchanted.

Gennifer Albin.
Crewel world #1. Crewel.

George R. R Martin.
Song of Ice and Fire #1. A game of thrones.

Ginger Garrett.
Chronicles of the Scribe #1. In the shadow of the Lions. [Will not continue]


Heather Demetrios.
Dark Caravan #1. Exquisite captive.

Heather Dixon.

Heidi R. Kling.
Spellspinsters of Melas County #1. Witch's brew. [Will not continue]

Heidi Schulz.
Hook's revenge #1. Hook's revenge.
Hook's revenge #2. The pirate code. [Finished]



Jackson Pearce.
Fairytale retellings #1. Sisters Red.
Fairytale retellings #2. Sweetly.
J. Nelle Patricks - Tsarina.

Jane Nickerson.
Strands of bronze and gold #1. Strands of bronze and gold.

Janet Lee Carey.

J.A White.
The Thickety #1. A path begins.

Jenni James.
Faerie Tale collection #1. Beauty & the beast.
Faerie Tale collection #2. Sleeping beauty.
Faerie Tale collection #4. Cinderella.

Jennifer Armentrout.
Lux #1. Obsidian.

Jennifer Donnolly.
Waterfire saga #1. Deep blue. [Will not continue]

Jess Lourey.
The toadhouse.

Jessica Day George.
Princess #1. Princess of the midnight ball.
Princess #2. Princess of the glass.
Princess #3. Princess of the silver woods. [Finished]
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow.

J.M Barrie.
Peter Pan.

Jocelyn Davies.
A beautiful dark #1. A beautiful dark. [Will not continue]

Jodi Lynn Anderson.
Tiger Lily.
The vanishing season.

John Green.
The fault in our stars.

Joshua McCune.
Talker 25 #1. Talker 25. [DNF]

Julie Kagawa.
Blood of Eden #1. The immortal rules.
Blood of Eden #2. The eternity cure.
Blood of Eden #3. The forever song [Finished]
'Til the world ends.
The Iron Fey #1. The iron king.
The Iron Fey #1.5 Winter's passage.
 (on the bottom of the Iron king review)
The Iron Fey #2. The iron daughter.
The Iron Fey #3. The iron queen.
The Iron Fey #3.5 Summer's crossing.
The Iron Fey #4. The iron knight. [Finished]
Call of the Forgotten, Iron Fey Spin-off #1. The lost prince.
Call of the Forgotten, Iron Fey Spin-off #2. The iron traitor.

Julie Murphy.
Side effects may vary.

Juliet Marillier.
Wildwood dancing.
Heart's blood.
Seven Waters #7. The flame of Seven Waters.

Justine Larbalestier & Sarah Rees Brennan.
Team Human.

Justin Cronin.
The Passage #1. The passage.


Karalynn Lee.
Heart of the dragon's realm.

Karen Foxlee.
Ophelia and the Marvelous boy.

Karen Mahoney.
Iron Witch #1. The iron witch. [Will not continue]

Kasie West.
On the fence.
Pivot point #1. Pivot Point.
Pivot point #2. Split second [Finished]
The fill-in boyfriend.
The distance between us.

Kate Danley.
The woodcutter.

Kate Caryus Quinn.
Don't you forget about me. [DNF]

Kat Zhang.
The Hybrid Chronicles #1. What's left of me.
The Hybrid Chronicles #2. Once we were.
The Hybrid Chronicles #3. Echoes of us. [Finished]

Katherine Ewell.
Dear killer.

Katherine Longshore.

Kathleen Peacock.
Hemlock #1. Hemlock.

Keary Taylor.
What I didn't say.

Kelly Barnhill.
Iron-hearted Violet.

Kendare Blake.
Anna #1.Anna dressed in blood.

Kiersten White.
Paranormalcy #1. Paranormalcy.
Paranormalcy #2. Supernaturally.

Paranormalcy #3. Endlessly. [Finished]
The chaos of the stars.
Illusions of fate.

Kimberly Derting.
The taking #1. The taking.

Kristin Cashore.
Graceling Realm #1. Graceling.
Graceling Realm #2. Fire.
Graceling Realm #3. Bitterblue. [Finished]


Laini Taylor.
Daughter of smoke and bone #1. Daughter of smoke and bone.
Daughter of smoke and bone #1. Daughter of smoke and bone version 2.
Daughter of smoke and bone #2. Days of blood and starlight.
Daughter of smoke and bone #3. Dreams of Gods and Monsters. [Finished]

Laura Anderson.
Boleyn Trilogy #1. The Boleyn king. [Will not continue]

Lauren DeStefano.
Chemical Garden #1. Wither.
Chemical Garden #2. Fever.

Lauren Oliver.
Liesl & Po.
The spindler.
Delirium #1. Delirium.
Delirium #2. Pandemonium.
Delirium #3. Requiem.

Leah Cypess.
Mistwood #1. Mistwood.
Death sworn #1. Death Sworn.
Death sworn #2. Death Marked. [Finished]

Lee Carroll.
Black swan rising #1. Black swan rising. [Will not continue]

Leigh Fallon.
Carrier of the mark #1. Carrier of the mark. [Will not continue]

Leigh Bardugo.
The Grisha #1. Shadow and bone.
The Grisha #2. Siege and storm.
The Grisha #3. Ruin and Rising [Finished]

Leila Sales.
This song will save your life.

Liesl Shurtliff.
Jack: the true story.

Libba Bray.
The Diviners #1. The diviners.
The Diviners #2. Lair of dreams.

Lindsay Cummings.
The Murder Complex #1. The murder complex. [Will not continue]

Lisa Ann O'Kane.

Lisa Jensen.
Alias Hook [DNF]

Lisa M. Basso.
Angel sight #1. A shimmer of angel. [Will not continue]

Lisa Cach.
Wake unto me.

Liz Coley.
Pretty girl thirteen.

Lori M. Lee.
Gates of thread and stone #1. Gates of thread and stone.


Mackenzie Lee.
This monstrous thing.

Maggie Stiefvater.
Raven cycle #1. The raven boys.
Raven cycle #2. The dream thieves.
Raven cycle #3. Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

Malinda Lo.

MarcyKate Connolly.

Maria Headley.
Untitled #1. Magonia.

Maria Snyder.
Study #1. Poison study.
Study #2. Magic study.
Study #3. Fire study.
Study #4. Shadow study.

Marie Lu.
Legend #1. Legend.
Legend #2. Prodigy.

Marie Rutkoski.
The winner's curse #1. The winner's curse.

Marissa Meyer.
Lunar Chronicles #1. Cinder. (& Glitch)
Lunar Chronicles #2. Scarlet.
Lunar Chronciles #3. Cress.

Markus Zusak.
The book thief.

Mary E. Pearson.
Jenna Fox Chronicles #1. The adoration of Jenna Fox.
The remnant chronicles #1. The kiss of deception.

Maureen Johnson.
Shades of London #1. The name of the star.

McCormick Templeman.
The glass casket.

Megan Kealey Hall.
Anthology Bullies.

Megan Shepherd.
The madman's daughter #1. The madman's daughter.
The madman's daughter #2. Her dark curiosity.
The madman's daughter #3. A cold legacy.
The cage #1. The cage. [Will not continue]

Melanie Dickerson.
The fairest beauty.

Melina Marchetta.
Lumatere Chronciles #1. Finnikin of the rock.

Melissa de la Cruz.
The ring and the crown #1. The ring and the crown.

Melissa Marr.
Faery Tales & Nightmares.

Mercedes Lackey.
Five Hundred Kingdoms #6. Beauty and the werewolf.

Merrie Haskell.
The princess curse.

Mette Ivie Harrison.
Princess #1. The princess and the hound.
Princess #2. The princess and the bear. [Will not continue]

Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate.
Eve & Adam.

Michelle Diener.
Susanna Horenbout & John Parker #1. In a treacherous court. 
Susanna Horenbout & John Parker #2. Keeper of the king's secret. 
Susanna Horenbout & John Parker #3. In defense of the queen.
The emperor's conspiracy.
Mistress of the wind.
Part #1. The golden apple.

Michelle Hodkin.
Mara Dyer #1. The unbecoming of Mara Dyer.

Michelle Zink.
Prophecy of the sisters #1. Prophecy of the sisters.
Prophecy of the sisters #2. Guardian of the gate.
rophecy of the sisters #3. Circle of fire. [Finished]

Mindy McGinnis.
Not a drop to drink #1. Not a drop to drink.
Not a drop to drink #2. In a handful of dust [Finished]
A madness so discreet.

Mira Grant.
Parasitology #1. Parasite.
Feed #1. Feed.

Miriam Forster.
Bhinian Empire #1. City of a thousand dolls.
Bhinian Empire #2. Empire of shadows. [Finished]

M.P Kozlowsky.
The Dyerville tales.

M.R Carey.
The girl with all the gifts.


Nancy Holder.
OUAT #13. The rose bride.
OUAT #14. Spirited.

Naomi Novik.

Natalie Parker.
Beware the wild.

Nina Berry.
Anthology: Two and twenty dark tales.

Nova Ren Suma.
The walls around us.
17 & gone.



Patrick Ness.
More than this.
The rest of us just live here.

Patrick W. Carr.
The Staff and the Sword #1. A cast of stones. [Will not continue]

Paul Durham.
The luck uglies #1. The luck uglies.

Paula Guran.
Once upon a time: new fairy tales.

Peta Crake.

Philip Pullman.
Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Philippa Gregory.
The Cousins war #1. The white queen.

Pierdomenico Baccalario.
Enchanted emporium #1. Suitcase of stars. [Will not continue]



Rae Carson.
Fire and Thorns #0.5. The shadow cats.
Fire and Thorns #1. The girl of fire and thorns.
Fireand Thorns #2. The crown of Embers.
Gold seer trilogy #1. Walk on earth a stranger.

Rachel Hartman.
Seraphina #1. Seraphina.

Rachel Hawkins.
Hex Hall #1. Hex Hall. 
Hex Hall #2. Demonglass.
Hex Hll #3. Spell bound. [Finished]

Rainbow Rowell.

Ransom Riggs.
Miss Peregrine's peculiar children #1. Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar children.

R.C Lewis.
Stitching snow.

Renee Ahdieh.
The wrath and the dawn #1. The wrath and the dawn.

Rhiannon Thomas.
A wicked thing #1. A wicked thing.

Rick Yancey.
The 5th wave #1. The 5th wave.  [Will not continue]

Richelle Mead.
Vampire Academy #1. Vampire academy.

Robin Bridges.
Katerina #1. The gathering dark. [Will not continue]

Robin LaFevers.
His Fair assassin #1. Grave Mercy.
His Fair assassin #2. Dark triumph.
His Fair assassin #3. Mortal Heart. [Finished]

Rosamund Hodge.
Cruel beauty.
Crimson bound.

Ruta Sepetys.
Between shades of gray.

Ruth Frances Long.
The treachery of beautiful things.

Ruth Warburton.
Witch Finder #1. Witch Finder. [Will not continue]


Samantha Shannon.
The bone season  #1. The bone season.
The bone season #2. The mime order.

Sara Raasch.
Snow like ashes #1. Snow like ashes.

Sarah Cross.
Kill me softly.

Sarah J. Maas.
Throne of glass #1. Throne of glass. 
Throne of glass novella's 0.1 - 0.4
Throne of glass #2. Crown of midnight.
A court of thorns and roses #1. A court of thorns and roses.

Sarah Raughley.

Sarah Strohmeyer.
The secrets of Lily Graves.
Smart girls get what they want.

Sarah Zettel.
American Fairy #1. Dust girl.

Sarra Manning.

Shannon Hale.
The books of Bayern #1. The goose girl.
The books of Bayern #2. Enna Burning.
The books of Bayern #3. River secrets.

Sharon Biggs Waller.
A mad, wicked folly.

Sherry Thomas.
Elemental trilogy #1. The burning sky.
Elemental trilogy #2. The perilous sea.
Elemental trilogy #3. The immortal heights.

Stefan Bachmann.
The Peculiar # 1. The Peculiar. 

S.E Grove.
The glass sentence #1. The glass sentence.

Stacey Jay.
Of beast and beauty.
Princess of thorns.

Stephanie Perkins.
Anna and the French kiss #1. Anna and the French kiss.

Soman Chainani.
School for Good and Evil #1. The school for good and evil.

Susan Ee.
Penryn and the end of days #1. Angelfall.

Susanne Winnacker.
The other life #1. The weepers/The other life. 

Suzanne Collins.
The Hunger Games #1. The Hunger Games.
The Hunger Games #2. Catching fire.
The Hunger Games #3. Mockingjay. [Finished]

Suzanne Weyn.
OUAT #15. The crimson thread.
OUAT #16. The night dance.
OUAT #17. Water song.
OUAT #18. The diamond secret. [Finished]


Tess Gerritsen.
Rizolli & Isles #9. The silent girl.

Tia Nevitt.
Accidental Enchantments #1. The sevenfold spell.
Accidental Enchantments #2. The magic mirror and the seventh dwarf. [Finished]

Tina Connolly.
Ironskin #1. Ironskin.

Tracy Barrett.
The stepsister's tale.

Tracy Lynn.
OUAT #19. Snow. [Finished]



Veronica Roth.
Divergent #1. Divergent.
Divergent #2. Insurgent.

Victoria Aveyard.
Red Queen trilogy 1. Red Queen.

Victoria Schwab.
The ash-born boy.
The near witch.
ADSOM #1. A darker shade of magic.
The Archived #1. The Archived.
The Archived #2. The Unbound.
The Archived #2.5 Leave the window open.




Yvonne Ventresca.


Zoƫ Marriott.
The swan kingdom.
Daughter of the flames.