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Here you can find all the blog posts I made in 2013. My reviews can be found at the 'review page.' There is a copyright on all these posts. Posts 2012.

Several things.
Title reveal; throne of glass 2.
New blog design.
Cover Reveal; Copperhead.
Blogger love-a-thon interview.
TBR-Pile read-a-thon.
Bout of Books.
New design.
Fairytale read-a-thon.
Read-a-thon Wonderfully wicked.
Cast a Harry Potter spell part 1.
Cast a Harry Potter spell part 2.
Laptop broke down.
Epic Rec. December.
Blogging resolutions 2014.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013.
First blogoversary.
My first spotlight.
Reverse author interview.
A tiny forced hiatus.
I'm going to Italy.
Recap Italy.
A to Z survey.
My YA life in book titles.
Book superlatives.
Mission impossible: Tackling series.
Would you rather? Tag.
Armchair BEA.
Introductions & Classic time.
Development & Fiction time.
Blogging ethics.
Keeping it fresh & Children + YA time.

Top 10 Tuesdays.
Top 10 Tuesday 25. 2013 Debuts I'm looking forward to.
Top 10 Tuesday 26. Series I still need to read.
Top 10 Tuesday 27. Series I want to read in the Spring.
Top 10 Tuesday 28. Books I recommend the most.
Top 10 Tuesday 29. Words that make me want to read/buy a book.

Waiting on Wednesdays.
Waiting on Wednesday 27. Control.
Waiting on Wednesday 28. The queen's gambit.
Waiting on Wednesday 29. Coverless 2014 edition.
Waiting on Wednesday 30. Boy Nobody & Winter queen.
Waiting on Wednesday 31. The coldest girl in Coldtown.
Waiting on Wednesday 32. The school for good and evil.
Waiting on Wednesday 33. The falconer.
Waiting on Wednesday 34. 3 picks.
Waiting on Wednesday 35. 3 picks.
Waiting on Wednesday 36. Birthday edition.
Waiting on Wednesday 37. Vitro & Witchfall.
Waiting on Wednesday 38. Retellings: Scarlet in snow & Unhinged.
Waiting on Wednesday 39. The golden city.
Waiting on Wednesday 40. 6 titles.
Waiting on Wednesday 41. Most wanted (Cress)
Waiting on Wednesday 42. Lady Thief.

Feature & Follow.
Feature & Follow 18: supernatural creatures.
Feature & Follow 19. Popular book I hated, Not popular book I loved.
Feature & Follow 20. Emotional scenes.
Feature & Follow 21. Blogger conventions.
Feature & Follow 22. Favorite quotes.
Feature & Follow 23. My own class.
Feature & Follow 24. Casting your favorite book (The book thief)

Showcase Sunday.
Showcase Sunday 20. Christmas.
Showcase Sunday 21.
Showcase Sunday 22. Book fair edition.
Showcase Sunday 23. Bargain.
Showcase Sunday 24.
Showcase Sunday 25.
Showcase Sunday 26.
Showcase Sunday 27.
Showcase Sunday 28. Bargain.
Showcase Sunday 29. Queen's day & Birthday (part 2) haul.
Showcase Sunday 30.
Showcase Sunday 31.
Showcase Sunday 32. Review copies.
Showcase Sunday 33. First vlog!

Fairytale news.
FN 7. January releases.
FN 8. Retellings from 2013.
FN 9. Alternatives for Google Reader.
FN 10. About DNF.
FN 11. Mel on reading: Jealousy & Hauls.
FN 12. Review Kobo Glo.
FN 13. All about e-readers.
FN 14. The hard life of a reader.
FN 15. The hard life of a reader 2.
FN 16. The hard life of a reader 3.
FN 17. The hard life of a reader 4.
FN 18. Retellings 2013.
FN 19. Blogging confession.
FN 20. Embarrassing books?
FN. 21. Why I love reading.
FN. 22. Hard life of a reader 5.
FN. 23. Growing up as a reader.

Monthly wrap-up.
1. November.
2. December & 2013.

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