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Love-A-Thon 2017 | Valentines Care Package.

Is there anything more exciting than receiving a surprise care package from one of your best book buddies? Didn’t think so! If you had the opportunity to surprise one or more of your favorite characters with a care package for Valentine’s Day, what would you be sure to include? Have fun virtually shopping for the character(s) you love and let us know via photos, collages, etc., what you would love to send them! Link up at Super Space Chick

I would send Sybella (Dark Triumph – Robin LaFevers) a new knife for her collection. And to stay in this theme, I would give Lila (A Darker Shade of Magic) a perfect pirate blade.
Nina (Six of Crows) gets a box of chocolate.
Copies of some of my favorite books go to Hermione (Harry Potter)
I want to give Chaol (Throne of glass) a big hug, because he is such a misunderstood character.
Cress (Lunar Chronicles) gets a set of hair products and a fancy hair brush.

Some random ideas:
Alina gets some sense, so she is able to make the right choice at the end of Ruin and Rising.
I would ship an indestructable tank packed with ammunition to Georgia and Shaun (Feed)
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  1. I'm pretty sure Hermione would love receiving some books from you :)

  2. I'd send books to Hermione, of course. Dried cherries to Kel (of Tamora Pierce's "Protector of the Small" quartet), for her birds, and something special from Raven Armory. Reams of paper and a really superior fountain pen to Anne Shirley (Blythe), for her writing. Come to think of it, I'd send the same to Jo March. And a beautifully-designed jewelry piece that's really a magnifying glass to Mary Russell (of Laurie King's Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes series.)

  3. Ooh, Sybella would love a new knife for sure! And can we just have book club with Hermione? I think that would be so much fun!

  4. Chaol gets a hug from me, too. Let's all just give him a great big group hug.

  5. Okay, that was great! And even if I like Chaol BUT he is not one of my faves I loved your gift. I still have to read Ruin and Rising #nervous Nina would definitely appreciate chocolate as well as Hermione books (Amd I a mix of these two? Because chocolate + books sound amazing!

  6. I love your gifts! Chaol definitely needs a hug and Nine will love the chocolates! And we all know there's no better gift for a reader than books :D Lucky Hermione.

  7. Love this :D But pfffff! Alina made the best choice ever at the end of Ruin and Rising ;)


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