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Monthly recap | November '13. Anniversary.

This is a new feature I like to introduce, based on many other recaps you can often find around the blogosphere. I always enjoy reading these, so I thought it was about time to do it myself :)


  • I celebrated my 5-years together with my boyfriend.
  • I got a Pathé unlimited card for 4 months from my parents as Sinterklaas present.
  • I had several Once upon a time marathons with my sister. I finally got her addicted too!
  • I had some very uninteresting colleges about plant pathology, but the fungi practicum’s are fun.
  • My laptop broke down, but I got to borrow my grandparent’s laptop. I have mine now, but I lost everything so I’m still busy with that.
  • Went to the beach for a celebration, because the Netherlands is exactly a 200 years old Kingdom.

1. Sarah Pinborough – Poison.
2. Stacey Jay – Of beauty and beast.
3. Eric Shanower – Ozma of Oz.
4. Aimee Carter – Pawn.
5. Eliza Crewe – Cracked.
6. M.P Kozlowlsky – The Dyerville tales.
7. Leila Sales – This song will save your life.
8. Cristin Terrill – All our yesterdays.
9. Samantha Shannon – The bone season.


  • Complete season 1 of OUAT (re-watch with sister)
  • Breaking bad season 1 to 5. (Awesome series! Season 3 was boring, but what an ending <3)
  • We’re the millers. (Hilarious)
  • The dictator. (Meh)
  • The big bang theory season 6 (Recently did a marathon, so funny!)
  • Identity thief. (Funny!)
  • The heat. (Loved it)
  • Bad Grandpa (bios, wasn't bad)
  • Paranorman. (Liked it)

I also saw Episode 1 from Dracula (interesting), the newest episodes from OUAT, the first 3 episodes from Sleepy Hollow (Creepy!), newest episodes from The originals (prefer this one over VD), same for Vampire diaries & Awkward (I know, TV show obsessed)

I wanted to do a vlog, but I don’t feel like it, so I’m going to show you a picture and a list. Some of you might have seen this picture I posted on Instagram:

NaamloosI’m still so happy whenever I look at this stack. I received these books from the awesome people over at HarperCollins INT. I requested Her dark curiosity, Elusion, Evertrue & Cruel beauty.

The top 4 books were surprises and I’m especially happy with the ARC for Ruins! I wasn’t a huge fan of Fragments, but I loved Partials, so I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to end. The things you kiss goodbye will be gifted to Debby from Snuggly Oranges, because it's not my type of book. The lure looks interesting, but I haven't heard anything about it. I haven't read Breathe (it's on my Christmas list), but Resist looks so good!

Not only that, but I’m auto-approved on Edelweiss and I took advantage of that by going crazy with downloading. These were the books I snatched away in November:
1. Adam Gidwitz – The Grimm conclusion.
2. M.P Kozlowsky – The Dyerville tales. (not bad)
3. Joshua McCune – Talker 25.
4. Paul Durham – The luck Uglies.
5. Anne Blankman – Prisoner of night and fog.
6. Kimberly Derting – The taking.
7. Ilsa J. Bick – White space.
8. Lauren Oliver – Panic (hated it)
9. Leah Cypess – Death sworn (liked it)
10. Bree Despain – The shadow prince (liked it)
11. Katherine Ewell – Dear killer.

I bought Veronica Roth – Allegiant & George R.R Martin – A game of thrones. I was so careful when it comes to Allegiant, but around 5 days ago I read a huge spoiler on Twitter. I'm still upset and sad about it :(
I won: Anna Sheehan – A long, long sleep (FINALLY a copy, I loved this book) from Alice in Readerland and I received Daughter of the flames by Zoë Marriott from my bookish friend Kristen as a surprise present. So excited to get started!

That's it for this month. Pretty awesome if I can say so myself! Leave a link to your haul.

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Mel is a microbiology technician who is obsessed with Disney, fairytale retellings and fantasy. If she's not reading or blogging, she's either busy with gaming, hanging out with family or watching a TV show. She loves summer and bright nail polish. One of her dreams is to travel the world. She has found her Prince Charming and they are together for 7+ years.


  1. I see so many awesome books added to your shelf and you got some great Earcs as well :) I really want to check out all our yesterdays! Seems as though you had a pretty good month in reading and tv lol

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  2. Congratulations on your 5th year with your boyfriend! Also, The Heat--is that the one with Sandra Bullock?--my dad and I watched that three times and still laughed out loud in each one! 9 books a month is a lot--some of my classmates take that long to finish one!

    Christie @ Read by the Undead

    1. Thanks and yes, that is the one! It's so funny :D

  3. Yes, The Identity Thief and We're the Millers was amazing! I cant understand the hype over The Dictator though!
    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! :D
    I'm on the 1st season of both Breaking Bad and OUAT! I have to pick up!
    The books! :D The Lure looks interesting! :D

    1. I laughed so hard during We're the Millers. Thanks! And yes, you should catch up with OUAT soon. Hooooook!

  4. Yay I'm glad you decided to do a monthly recap post, as well. I love reading through them.

    Happy 200 years to the Netherlands! Hope you have fun on Sinterklaas. =)

    So glad to know that you also watch Awkward! The Originals, TBBT and TVD are pretty great shows. I'm addicted to Reign these days even though it's not even that good. I've yet to start watching OUAT because everyone is watching it and I'm just standing in the corner looking stupid. =D

    Ha ha I got auto-approved for Harper back in October but it took me a month to realize that the website wasn't actually glitching and I really was auto-approved. I'm VERY excited for Cruel Beauty, Avalon and these are only releasing in January I'm going to be busy next year reading (as if I already wasn't =P) thanks to Harper!

    1. Good! Sinterklaas went by so fast.. I really hope to get started in Reign soon. I'm a huge OUAT fan, so I recommend to do that! I recently found out that I was auto-approved and I'm so happy. I just can't stay away from their books!

  5. Woah awesome book haul! I'm also really excited for Ruins, I can't wait for its release! And impressive list of TV shows, I'm in love with OUAT and the recent episodes are just amazing! Congratulations on your five year anniversary, I'm happy for you! Have another awesome month and happy reading :)

  6. I love reading monthly wrap up posts as well, so I'm happy to see you start do them.
    I loved The Heat and We're The Millers, they're both hilarious, and that is a fantastic book haul! I am very interested in Death Sworn and The Shadow Prince, they both sound good.
    I'm with you with Allegiant, I accidentally read a spoiler about a week after it was released, so I've been holding off on reading it.

    1. I hate spoilers :( especially since I've been so careful!

  7. I thought The Identity Thief was pretty funny, but I was watching it with my parents which was so awkward. I do not recommend doing that.

    Look at all those books! I hope you have fun with them. You have to tell me how Dear Killer is because I have been waiting for it forever. I really hope it is amazing.

    1. Oh, I don't really mind. I watch all types of movies with my parents :p

  8. Congrats on your 5 year! Look at all the awesome books O.o So jealous of The Lure and Cruel Beauty! Awesome haul and wrap up post hun, hope you enjoy the books (:

  9. Such an exciting month Mel! And still a lot of books read even if it is less than other months. Congrats on 5 years with your boyfriend and all of your new books!!

  10. What a great month! Congrats on your anniversary :) I recorded the first ep of Dracula too, I heard it's good so I'm gonna give it a try. I have an eARC of Cruel Beauty and Luck Uglies oh and her dark Curiousity too! Excited for those :)
    Happy reading Mel! Thanks for stopping by
    -Dee's Reads

    1. I kinda liked Dracula. I look forward to see more of it :D

  11. Aw no, that's so terrible that you read a spoiler about Allegiant! I hope you can still enjoy it though! I've not read it yet but I'm a bit worried after hearing all the negative talk about how it ends. I don't know how it ends and I don't want to know until I read it but no one seems to like it! :-(

    1. I hope so too, but I hate it when a know an ending :(

  12. Oh Mel, you're so lucky!!! xD I'm dyinggg to read Ruins, so I'm really happy you got an ARC for it! :) And congratulations on you and your boyfriend for reaching 5 years!! :D That's amazing - I hope when I grow up I can find someone that loves me so much too :) Ack, but it's sad you saw that spoiler for Allegiant ><
    You have a lot of awesome reads, so happy reading them, Mel!! <33

    1. Of course you will! There is someone walking around for everyone :)

  13. Sounds like you had a good month! (Minus the laptop breaking). Congrats on the 5 year anniversary!! And I haven't ever watched OUaT... but now I'm thinking I really, really should if you love it so much!

    1. Thank you and you should watch it! Everyone loves it :D it's such a fun show.

  14. I really want to check out Breaking Bad sometime.

    Some really great books you got! I'm waiting to get my new kindle for Christmas and then snatching up those Harper titles on Edelweiss! Enjoy!

  15. Sounds like you had an amazing month (apart from the laptop breaking because that sucks). I really want to re-watch season 1 of OUAT now! I loved We're the Millers & Identity Thief too! They're hilarious!
    You got a lot of amazing books from Harper Collins! I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of Ruins! I'm excited to see how this trilogy will end. That sucks that you were spoiled for Allegiant. It's annoying that people on twitter are ruining it for people who haven't read it.
    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! :)

    1. Re-watching is fun, because you catch so many things you didn't noticed before! Harper is the best <3

  16. Congrats on 5 years with your boyfriend :) You got some fantastic boks!! Partials was such a great book, it's almost embarassing that I still haven't picked up Fragments yet!! I need to soon before Ruins comes out!!

    I hate when people post spoilers on line so openly. I'm so sad that Allegiant was ruined for you :( Not. Fair.

    I'm also disappointed that you hated Panic. I haven't read it yet, but I do have it for review and was planning on picking it up. You aren't the only one I heard that from, so it's sad. I wanted to fall back in love with Lauren Oliver after she destroyed Requiem for me :(

    Thanks for the update Mel! I really appreciate you stopping by my stacking the shelves and commenting, thank you so much!!!

    1. Thanks! Fragments wasn't a huge success, but I have high hopes for Ruins. Yes, spoilers are the worst thing :( Downside of being part of a community! I think I'm just not the right audience for her YA books.. I did like her MG work.

  17. Wow, fantastic month and what a lovely stack from Harper! :) Great edelweiss titles, too! I've definitely been hearing a lot of the same about Panic, but I'm so glad to hear you liked Bree Despain's new one! I'm excited for that one!

    1. Yes, I've never read anything from Despain and I can't wait to read more of her!

  18. So sorry to hear about your laptop (my computer recently crashed and I lost everything on it, so I know how irritating it is), but congrats on 5 years with your boyfriend! :D
    Elusion looks so good, I hope you love it!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  19. Congratulations with your 5-year anniversary with your boyfriend!
    I really want to watch Once Upon a Time, I've never watched it but everyone talking about it on twitter has made me really curious. Also, it's fairy tales, how I can I NOT love it?
    That's a great ARC package! And what a nice surprise for you that there were also books you didn't request :) I'm the most excited for Evertrue and Cruel Beauty!

    1. Thanks! And yes, haha, fairy tales are always good :D

  20. You are so lucky to get print copies! I swoon with jealousy!!! Oh yes and I LOVE The Big Bang Theory!!

  21. Ahh! You had an amazing month sweetie :D Congrats on 5 years with your boyfriend. <3 And ahh. You watched so much! Jealous. Wish I had time to do things; despite being at home all day long, hih (A) Anyway. I'm still heartbroken about your laptop :( *Hugs* <3 Happy reading Mel :)

    1. Thank you! I just try to make time for the things I love :) I'm also pretty sad about my laptop. It broke down again, so I have the idea I need to get a new one..

  22. Cruel beauty!! Envious I so want to read it!

  23. I just started watching the first season of OUaT, like it!
    I love the cover of Elusion. Enjoy!

  24. I love reading these recaps too, I really should start doing some for my blog too :D Anyways, congrats on the boyfriend anniversary!! You watched a lot of good shows too, I need to get started on OoaT but YAY for enjoying Big Bang Theory (AND marathons!!)

    You have a stunning haul too, Cruel Beauty and Elusion are on my new years TBR as well! Oh and I'm so sorry you got a HUGE Allegiant spoiler :( Ugh that sucks! I still need to read that one too - so far, no spoilers but I'm kind of scared now... o.O Anyways, happy reading ♥


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