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WoW 14. Snow white Sorrow & Dust.

Snow White Sorrow (The Grimm Diaries, #1)The real Snow White... living in the ruins of an ancient castle in a small town. She is described as horribly beautiful, terrifyingly enchanting, and wickedly lovely.

What he finds instead is a beautiful monster girl filled with rage and hurt, who has an epic untold story to tell of things such like why the Brothers Grimm altered the fairy tale, who the Evil Queen really is, where the mirror came from, and who possessed it.

Snow White has killed every person who has dared come near the castle where she once lived with the queen. Mysteriously, she lets Loki live.
To read the whole synopsis, you can click on this  link to Goodreads. I've found out about this book today and there's a lot going on. You can find out by going through the reviews. Expected publication: October 30th 2012.

Dust4. The number of times my delicate wings have been broken and clamped behind my back.
68. The number inked upon my skin marking me the sixty-eighth pixie to be stolen.
87. The number of days I’ve been wrongfully imprisoned by the fairies.
88. The first day the faeries will regret stealing me.

So, that's it for today! What is your pick this week?

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  1. First I've heard of both of these. Thanks for bringing them to my attention, especially Snow White Sorrow.

    Safari Poet

  2. I love fairy tale retelling. Glad I found this one.

  3. Oh holy wow, I LOVE your picks! The second I saw the cover of Snow White Sorrow, I knew I would have to add it to my TBR list. And Dust sounds like it's going to be really good too! I can't wait!

    Here’s my WoW

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the cover of Snow White Sorrow, it is absolutely beautiful! Both of these books sound awesome, I'm definitely going to have to check them out!

    Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page

  5. Nice picks! THey both sound great and I really like the covers.

  6. I've been dying to see Snow White Sorrow around - I'm planning on featuring this as my WoW next week, it's amazing!

    ComaCalm's Corner

  7. Wow great picks! I haven't heard of either of these yet but definitely adding them to my list now. They sound so good especially Snow White!

    Thanks for stopping by my post!
    Traci @ The Reading Geek

  8. I've been a little hesitant of Snow White Sorrow. Its synopsis is heavily derivative of Anna Dressed in Blood and the Mortal Instruments (some pieces are nearly the same word-for-word) and that is never a good sign for whatever is inside the novel.

  9. Snow White Sorrow looks awesome. I have not seen it before, but I am intrigued.

    Reading Lark's WOW

  10. Oh my gosh, Mel, how have I not heard of Snow White Sorrow before? It sounds SO EPIC! The cover is enough to reel me in, and that tag line gives me the chills: "All monsters must die except the beautiful ones...." I couldn't be more intrigued about this book if your strapped me to a chair and hypnotized me into it! x)

    Awesome picks for your WOW this week, Mel! I can't wait to read SWS and see more about Dust! :) <3

  11. I love Snow White! Retellings are always fun. I love the sound of Dust. I'm waiting on that one too since I love kidnapping stories and fae books! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Your picks are awesome and that is one bad-ass sounding Snow White. Thanks for sharing & for stopping by my post :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  13. I love retellings and its my first time hearing about Snow White Sorrow. It sounds so different and even the cover is a little creepy.

  14. I'm very curious about Snow White Sorrow! It doesn't sound like my kind of book, but I'm definitely intrigued about the dark twist of Snow White fairy tale! x) Dust seems very promising - I LOVE books about fairies! <3

    Awesome pick for WOW this week, Mel! :)

  15. Never heard of either of these. They both sound creepy...which is for coming by today.

  16. Snow White Sorrow is new to me and it sounds really great and the cover is beautiful. Great picks! :))

    Thanks for dropping by ;D
    Kari Po-Ku Reads

  17. Love the cover...Love the synopsis! Must have :D Thanks for sharing!

    Chapter by Chapter

  18. Hm. Haven't heard of either. Though I'm usually not a fan of faeries, they both sound pretty interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by,
    @ Livin' Life Through Books

  19. Both great picks- but I'm *really* interested in "Snow White Sorrow." What a great premise.

  20. Oooh! Yes! I'm looking forward to Snow White Sorrow too.

    Thanks for stopping by my Wow.

    Janus @ The Blair Book Project

  21. Snow White Sorrow sounds and looks amazing! I am really liking all of these retellings that are starting to pop up all over the place, yes!
    I'll be adding this one to my list too, thank you :) and happy reading!

  22. Great picks :) !! I want to read them both .. I'm adding them to my wishlist !!

  23. I am a huge fan of fairytales and the different ways people interpret them (like grimm and once upon a time) so the snow white one seems really exciting! Also the second one is very interesting!

    PS you should probably read lies beneath then and tell me what you think :)

  24. I love the cover! And I absolutely love your blog button, I'm a fan of Tangled!;)

  25. I hadn't heard of Snow White Sorrow yet! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Adding it to my TBR pile...... NOW!

    Great picks!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    New follower!

  26. I have not heard of either of these books, but they both sound AWESOME! I am putting them both on my TBR list! Great Picks! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  27. I want Snow White!!! Love the cover so much. Great pick. Thanks for stopping by my wow:)

  28. Ohh! Seems like awesome books! :D Cool covers, as well ;) Great picks. :) Hope you'll love them both once they come out ;D
    Thank you for commenting on my WoW. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  29. I've not heard of either of these, but they sound so intriguing and good! I love the dark twist to Snow White and want to know why she let Loki live - and that synopsis for Dust is FANTASTIC! So grabbing.

    Great picks, and thank you for stopping by my post!

  30. Aaaa I love fairy tale re-tellings and that one looks great! :D Haven't seen it before but I'll definitely keep my eye on it for when it's released. ^^

    Aleksandra @ Divine Secrets of a Little Bookworm

  31. I'm glad that you all liked the two books I choose to feature :D


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